A Thin Thread
of Destiny

A Novel
by Lara Prodan

Why Students Love The University of Washington?

university_of_washingtonTime flies, and one day you may discover that you have to change your life path completely. It may happen, for example, when you decide to enter the university. There are various types of them all over the world, and sometimes it gets really difficult to choose the best one. A typical student may spend months searching for the university with a good quality of education and great perspectives. Perhaps every such student can list some best of the best. Every year mass media and such students create the top of the popular universities. One of them is the University of Washington. It is known for the high educational standards and effective ways of teaching.

University of Washington has a long and exciting history. It provides students with deep knowledge in almost all branches of science. The secret of it lies in the perfect combination of education and well-planned leisure time. University’s schedule is made especially for those who want not only to receive a diploma, but also use it in practice. Every student can get a job while studying. Moreover, they can do a research work freely. There are also a big number of educational programs for all degrees. Even after graduation you can continue studying here, because this university offers you numerous additional prospects.

This university has a huge financial support. It is open for the students with new ideas. We should mention that it offers $208 million for grants for international students. Yes, University of Washington gives perfect opportunities for foreign students. Accommodation is provided. Marvelous classrooms, several libraries, well-equipped gym and a big swimming pool (you can use it 23 hours per week) are available for every student. And don’t forget about colorful parties organized by students’ community.

If you want to know more about this university and its faculties, read an exciting novel ‘A thin thread of destiny’ by Lara Prodan. One of the main characters, Darya, is studying in this very university. She is clever and open-hearted; she always knows how to do something in the best way. Moreover, she very well educated and always tries to learn something new. Darya has a lot of friends from other faculties. One of them, Vladimir, has become a love of her life. Poor girl, she didn’t know how their life would be connected soon. A thin thread went through their destinies. What will win: love or duty? You will get to know after reading it. It can make you crying, but it is still worth admiring.

We all need to choose. Choose the right way, choose the person to love, choose the profession. Before such a difficult decision you need to think about all pros and cons of every step. It is also about the university you want to enter. Choose the best one. Don’t be afraid to look for some additional information and facts. Be ready to go through the interview. Make a list of professions you want to receive. And act! All our actions are made just for good things. Don’t be afraid to meet some obstacles on your way. Life is worth living!