A Thin Thread
of Destiny

A Novel
by Lara Prodan

The great commander Suvorov

The names of the greatest commanders in the world’s history are known to everybody. Every country though has its own heroes that became cult figures. In Russia Alexander Suvorov has been the icon of the majority of boys and young men for more than 2 centuries. His example inspired them to choose military career – as it happened to the Duke Ukhtomsky’s elder son Alexander and many of his compatriots.

Young years

Many of us would assume that Suvorov must have been raised for the military carrier. It is true – but only partially. Alexander was born in the family of the general Vasili Suvorov who is famous for compiling the first Russian military dictionary. Vasili gave the name to his sun in honor of another famous commander Alexander Nevsky.

Alexander Suvorov has always been fond of history and military service. Unfortunately, his father thought of a different career for his son. The reason was that the future great commander was a very weak and sickly boy and it was really hard to imagine him as a soldier. However, after the visit of Pushkin’s great grandfather general Gannibal to their home, the father had to change his decision – because the guest told that the boy would have a brilliant future.

Soldiers’ talisman

Suvorov’s military career was developing very rapidly. Soldiers literally worshiped him, and even the Queen appreciated his unique gift. Alexander did not want soldiers to obey the commands just because of the fear or strict rules – but because of respect. Indeed, he did a lot to improve the living conditions and to change the morale of Russian soldiers. Thanks to his attempts the death-rate among the servicemen decreased significantly.

Suvorov always thought that the person is the main criteria of the victory. He spent almost all his time with the soldiers and lived in the same conditions as they did. During the battle he stayed among them giving orders and invigorating soldiers. There was even the legend that just Suvorov’s presence is enough to win in the most desperate situations.

Personal life

Alexander Suvorov did not plan to get married – but at the age of 44, out of respect to his father he agreed to marry the young woman whom the father had chosen. During the first years the couple lived happily. At the same time, their daughter was born. But soon Alexander’s wife who was 20 years younger than her husband had an affair with the younger man. As the result of this adultery Suvorov almost managed to get divorced but then forgave his wife – until she had another adultery several years later. After that they never lived together.

Fame and achievements

Alexander Suvorov is famous for never being defeated. All of his campaigns and battles were a success. Historians say that he managed to win every time, even though in every battle he had much less soldiers than his enemies.

Alexander has always been a very honest person and appreciated this quality in other people. Being also a very intelligent man who knew several foreign languages, he never groveled to anyone at court and always said what he thought.

Suvorov had more than 7 titles and lots of decorations, but asked not to put that list on his grave after he died. He wished to have only three words: Here lies Suvorov.