A Thin Thread
of Destiny

A Novel
by Lara Prodan

Russian Repressions: The History To Remember

We all know about the tragic pages in the history of Russia. It was really cruel and horrible time, especially during the repressions and The World War I. Millions of people were suffering from severe conditions and harsh life. Moreover, there were lots of those who were executed without justification of their guilt. And how severe was the punishment! People spent years in prison camps where they were obliged to work hard and live in unbearable conditions. The second way for them was a death penalty (a firing squad). It lasted for long years. Everybody was afraid of quitting their homes and opening their doors to strangers.

There were several periods of repressions in Russia, and the first one began not long before The World War I. Mass executions and numerous methods of interrogations took place during that time. The most upsetting thing is that because of these repressions the world had lost a lot of poets, artists and other important figures. Of course, in this context we can’t but mention the famous KGB, a Committee for State Security. Its main target was ensuring of government communications as well as combating nationalism, dissent, and anti-Soviet activities. Workers of this organization were used to murdering people and chasing them to that extent that those frequently decided to commit a suicide.

A thin thread of destiny has connected the Ukhtomskiy family with this tragedy. It was a simple family, where people, like everyone else, were living with a big hope for the better future. However, they seemed to be very dangerous for the regime. And they had to be killed. Every of them. After tens of years their history was read by their descendants – and it was really worth respecting. A long and puzzled way of those heroes made everybody cry and think over their own lives. And, of course, it has become a great opportunity to start a new investigation.

So did Vladimir, a friend of Uhtomskiys’ descendants. He started searching for the important documents that had the necessary information about location of each brother, whose paths diverged during those awful times of repressions. During his investigation the young man managed to find a real friend, good advisor and a beautiful woman – Nadezhda. Would you like to know more about them? Just read a popular novel by Lara Prodan ‘A thin thread of destiny’. You will dive into the world of the main characters and cry and laugh with them. This book is written for you, especially if you are interested in history.

Time flies, and everything, sooner or later, will become absolutely forgotten. We have to do everything possible to make the memory about victims of repressions immortal. These people have lost their lives to save ours. And their heroic deed is definitely worth remembering, respecting and admiring.

There are several ways how to do it. We consider art to be the best one. As far as everybody knows, art is immortal. So, write articles, books, paint pictures and make sculptures. Do something to eternalize this history, tell your children about it. Be proud of all people that gave their lives for the better future in all periods of the Russian history.