A Thin Thread
of Destiny

A Novel
by Lara Prodan

Nicholas the Second: Story of the Great Ruler

Every epoch has numerous prominent people worth remembering and admiring. They were living and creating something new. Some of them managed to change people’s way of living or to add important things to our everyday routine. Perhaps there are several persons who wrote the new history themselves. They changed this world, their people and their country. Definitely, we are talking about kings. How many of them were in every époque? Now we are going to talk about one Russian tsar whose history is very tragic, but is definitely worth remembering and respecting.

Tsar Nicholas the Second was a well-mannered and brave person. He was protecting Russian’s frontiers and people from enemies. Moreover, he managed to rule the whole powerful empire very wisely. He was and still is a good example of a perfect ruler and father. His family was proud of him and maybe because of this sincere support he was always sure in his actions. Nicholas II made a real magic: he effectively raised economic importance of the Russian empire. But there were a lot of quarrels among different segments of society. As a result, these incidents lead to a real chaos.

Everyone has enemies. So had Nicholas II. He was very open hearted, that is why he trusted almost every person he met. It was a big mistake. At that time he and his family were suffering from the severe observance of supervisors. It was a first step to the full destruction of the big family. Perhaps Tsar couldn’t imagine how difficult their life would become and how fast it would end. Unfortunately, the Romanovs were tortured in their own house. Everyone received at least 3 bullets. The murderers didn’t have mercy on anybody. It was a real tragedy.

You can find a big amount of information about Nicholas II in historical books and manuscripts. However, bare facts often are of little great value to people. They are fed up with such dull numbers and names. To make people interested in history, numerous writers create their own novels or short stories based on real facts. There are millions of books written about Romanov family and Nicholas the Second. However, ‘A Thin Thread Of Destiny’ managed to combine love, friendship, investigations and history. This novel shows us the real life with real emotions. Just read it once – and you will never forget this awesome story. Nowadays the author of this book, Lara Prodan, has become very popular. And she stated – this history is not the last one. She is going to write as much as possible.

As you can see, sometimes history is a difficult thing to understand. However, we should always remember it and avoid mistakes our ancestors did. Only this way we will receive an opportunity to make our world better. The history of Nicholas II is one of the most dramatic stories of the last century. At the same time, he is an example of a person worth admiring.