A Thin Thread
of Destiny

A Novel
by Lara Prodan

Impressive Detroit

If you want to travel, either for pleasure or on business, you can choose among various places worth visiting. Some of them are mysterious, some are marvelous and, all of them are, of course, unforgettable. And without any doubt, everyone will find something special for themselves in any part of the world. Whether it is a village or a city, you may look for the second home here. Every place can share different stories, show the traveler some old museums and sincere people. Detroit has become a city of business and attractions a long time ago. Millions of people from all over the world have a great desire to visit it some time. So, here we present some interesting facts about this city.

Detroit can become a city of your dream if you really wish it. Here there are lots of interesting places, big roads and other things you will never forget. There are many business centers – but one should not forget about the beauty of parks and gardens nearby. People say it is a perfect place if you want to climb a career ladder and become the richest man in the world (at least it was like this).

Here one can find numerous attractions for all tastes. You can spend days and nights in fashionable clubs and pubs without getting too tired. Moreover, you will fall in love with the city’s architecture and road system. It will become your personal heaven on earth. And what about millions of shops? Do you want to visit them? If yes, come on! There are also different restaurants of all kinds where you can treat yourself with culinary masterpieces from exotic countries. Or you can forget about fashion of having something exotic for lunch and try a perfect pizza or sushi in the local cafes. Everything depends on you!

This city is depicted in lots of films and books. One of them impresses almost every reader. ‘A Thin Thread Of Destiny’ by Lara Prodan is a perfect novel for those who can’t live without history and investigations. The most interesting part is that it is a real story of a real family who managed to overcome all obstacles they had on their way. Despite the repressions, the war and many other problems, they lived without fear with a big desire to stay together. The history of this strong family was deeply appreciated by their descendants. Thanks to them, all the facts about Uhtomsky family appeared. And they were worth knowing. Detroit city has become one of the main places where the action in the book takes place.