A Thin Thread
of Destiny

A Novel
by Lara Prodan

Russian Repressions: The History To Remember

We all know about the tragic pages in the history of Russia. It was really cruel and horrible time, especially during the repressions and The World War I. Millions of people were suffering from severe conditions and harsh life. Moreover, there were lots of those who were executed without justification of their guilt. And how severe was the punishment! People spent years in prison camps where they were obliged to work hard and live in unbearable conditions. The second way for them was a death penalty (a firing squad). It lasted for long years. Everybody was afraid of quitting their homes and opening their doors to strangers.

There were several periods of repressions in Russia, and the first one began not long before The World War I. Mass executions and numerous methods of interrogations took place during that time. The most upsetting thing is that because of these repressions the world had lost a lot of poets, artists and other important figures. Of course, in this context we can’t but mention the famous KGB, a Committee for State Security. Its main target was ensuring of government communications as well as combating nationalism, dissent, and anti-Soviet activities. Workers of this organization were used to murdering people and chasing them to that extent that those frequently decided to commit a suicide.

A thin thread of destiny has connected the Ukhtomskiy family with this tragedy. It was a simple family, where people, like everyone else, were living with a big hope for the better future. However, they seemed to be very dangerous for the regime. And they had to be killed. Every of them. After tens of years their history was read by their descendants – and it was really worth respecting. A long and puzzled way of those heroes made everybody cry and think over their own lives. And, of course, it has become a great opportunity to start a new investigation.

So did Vladimir, a friend of Uhtomskiys’ descendants. He started searching for the important documents that had the necessary information about location of each brother, whose paths diverged during those awful times of repressions. During his investigation the young man managed to find a real friend, good advisor and a beautiful woman – Nadezhda. Would you like to know more about them? Just read a popular novel by Lara Prodan ‘A thin thread of destiny’. You will dive into the world of the main characters and cry and laugh with them. This book is written for you, especially if you are interested in history.

Time flies, and everything, sooner or later, will become absolutely forgotten. We have to do everything possible to make the memory about victims of repressions immortal. These people have lost their lives to save ours. And their heroic deed is definitely worth remembering, respecting and admiring.

There are several ways how to do it. We consider art to be the best one. As far as everybody knows, art is immortal. So, write articles, books, paint pictures and make sculptures. Do something to eternalize this history, tell your children about it. Be proud of all people that gave their lives for the better future in all periods of the Russian history.

Why people love Everett?


Photo credit: hj_west / Foter / CC BY-SA

Sometimes it is extremely necessary to change something in your life. These changes vary a lot depending on their target. For some people having a new haircut will be enough, while for others moving to a new place is the only way to make their life more colorful. Are you fed up with all this routine? Do you want something new? Then it’s high time to pack your things and buy a one way ticket. In this article we are going to tell you about one of the most interesting and calm places in the world. There are numerous cities in the USA, but we would like to tell you about Everett.

Why did we choose this city? The main reason is that it is the largest city of its beautiful district. People are migrating to here from all over the world. Everett is known for its hospitality, and millions of Russian and Ukrainian people use it. Despite the fact that we call this city a calm one, there are many sights you should definitely see.

One of them is a Naval Base. Just imagine: the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln was placed here for three years. And it would be quite interesting to observe a Boeing factory. Visit it and enjoy the majesty of Boeing 747, 767, 777 and 787. Anyway, these are not the only sights to visit. You will be completely amused by numerous parks and beautiful gardens. This city is perfect for all ages. You will be not annoyed with noise or traffic jams. Don’t you dream about long promenades and cozy evenings in the library? Everett welcomes you and gives you a lot of possibilities to relax, to create and to live happily. Be ready for changes!

If you want to know more about Everett, we strongly recommend you to read the marvelous novel ‘A thin thread of destiny’ by Lara Prodan. Alex and Melinda, the characters of this novel, are living in this city with a young beautiful daughter. Darya has a lot of friends here and she’s absolutely happy with her life. It is also important that this family has a deep history and Russian roots. Their ancestors have moved here a long time ago, at the beginning of the First World War. Severe conditions have broken a strong family apart. Actually, for the readers it is so exciting that Darya,who lives in Everett, falls in love with a Russian guy. Their love is dangerous because a thin thread has connected their difficult destinies.

Time flies, and it would be better if you start your own way to changes as soon as possible. Some people are afraid about their own future. Frankly speaking, the first step is the most difficult. It will obviously be easier later. If you want to travel – do it whenever you want and whatever age you are. It is so interesting to start a new life and to awake in a new place. Be ready to face some obstacles – but don’t be afraid of them. Everything will be fine. The best things are in the end.

Why Students Love The University of Washington?

university_of_washingtonTime flies, and one day you may discover that you have to change your life path completely. It may happen, for example, when you decide to enter the university. There are various types of them all over the world, and sometimes it gets really difficult to choose the best one. A typical student may spend months searching for the university with a good quality of education and great perspectives. Perhaps every such student can list some best of the best. Every year mass media and such students create the top of the popular universities. One of them is the University of Washington. It is known for the high educational standards and effective ways of teaching.

University of Washington has a long and exciting history. It provides students with deep knowledge in almost all branches of science. The secret of it lies in the perfect combination of education and well-planned leisure time. University’s schedule is made especially for those who want not only to receive a diploma, but also use it in practice. Every student can get a job while studying. Moreover, they can do a research work freely. There are also a big number of educational programs for all degrees. Even after graduation you can continue studying here, because this university offers you numerous additional prospects.

This university has a huge financial support. It is open for the students with new ideas. We should mention that it offers $208 million for grants for international students. Yes, University of Washington gives perfect opportunities for foreign students. Accommodation is provided. Marvelous classrooms, several libraries, well-equipped gym and a big swimming pool (you can use it 23 hours per week) are available for every student. And don’t forget about colorful parties organized by students’ community.

If you want to know more about this university and its faculties, read an exciting novel ‘A thin thread of destiny’ by Lara Prodan. One of the main characters, Darya, is studying in this very university. She is clever and open-hearted; she always knows how to do something in the best way. Moreover, she very well educated and always tries to learn something new. Darya has a lot of friends from other faculties. One of them, Vladimir, has become a love of her life. Poor girl, she didn’t know how their life would be connected soon. A thin thread went through their destinies. What will win: love or duty? You will get to know after reading it. It can make you crying, but it is still worth admiring.

We all need to choose. Choose the right way, choose the person to love, choose the profession. Before such a difficult decision you need to think about all pros and cons of every step. It is also about the university you want to enter. Choose the best one. Don’t be afraid to look for some additional information and facts. Be ready to go through the interview. Make a list of professions you want to receive. And act! All our actions are made just for good things. Don’t be afraid to meet some obstacles on your way. Life is worth living!

State Hermitage In Saint Petersburg: Place To Admire

hermitageThere are so many places in the world which are worth visiting. Nevertheless, everyone makes their own top list of most interesting places. What is your main desire? It can be a beautiful city somewhere in Europe. Regardless of which place you want to visit, you should discover more about its traditions, and when you get there – just feel its smell and get lost in its streets. And don’t forget about museums and galleries. All the history is kept there. Moreover, art is immortal, and galleries give you the chance to observe the real masterpieces of all ages.

If one of the places on your ‘must-visit’ list is Saint Petersburg, then the State Hermitage is number one place for you in this city. The secret of its beauty lies in a perfect combination of the gallery and the museum.

You can see everything here. Numerous portraits, sceneries and still lifes – all these examples of beauty are for you. As they say, you need at least 10 years to see all expositions in this museum. Its collections occupy a large complex of six historic buildings along Palace Embankment, including the Winter Palace, a former residence of Russian emperors. In addition, the Menshikov Palace, Museum of Porcelain, Storage Facility at Staraya Derevnya and the eastern wing of the General Staff Building are also parts of the museum. It is one of the best opportunities to relax, listen to some interesting excursion and, of course, to have a date. Why not?

Observing different pictures and statues, you can get to know more about your partner. What is more, you will see all his/her preferences in art. One more thing you should do is to show Hermitage to your friend, especially foreign one. It gives you a great opportunity to show him/her the whole history of the world’s art in some hours. He/she will never regret, we promise. Finally, when you observe something beautiful and creative, you receive a good amount of inspiration for years.

State Hermitage was the first thing visited by Darya, Alex and Melinda, characters of the novel “ The Thin Thread Of Destiny” by Lara Prodan, when they arrived to Russia. It was a great idea of Nadya to show them all this beauty. And, without any doubt, they were absolutely impressed with it. Read about this and many more adventures of this unique family in the novel. It is gaining large popularity within the US and in Russia. Moreover, while reading it, you can learn lots of new things about Saint Petersburg and other cities. You will be absolutely absorbed in this story of one big family.

All in all, museums can’t be forgotten. There are many reasons for it. Maybe observing someone’s paintings you’ll feel a great desire to create something yourself. Why not then? Every piece of art has a right to exist. It seems that everyone should visit such galleries at least once in his or her life. Even if you hate galleries – try to look for something you enjoy while visiting it. We are sure, you will find it. Let’s become more intellectual!